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Warranty Policy

We are honored that you have chosen Crafit for your DIY material assembly, storage, and display solutions, as well as your journey in purchasing small yet beautiful furniture.

Through years of unwavering dedication, we have crafted numerous exquisite items and garnered a substantial customer base both domestically and internationally. As the demand continues to grow, we realize that the voice of the customer is what brings Crafit's quality and service to the next level.

Therefore, we have introduced our warranty policy to better serve each one of our customers.

1. Warranty Period and Coverage

1.1 We offer free resolution for the following product issues within 30 days from the date of delivery: damaged parts, defective parts, and missing or incorrect parts due to quality problems.

1.2 We provide a 6-month warranty for vulnerable components such as metal moving parts and rollers.

2. Warranty Limitations

If any of the following situations occur, they will not be eligible for free warranty service:

2.1 Products that have exceeded the valid service or free repair period. Second-hand products, gifts, and discounted products are not covered by the warranty.

2.2 Failures or damages caused by unauthorized repair organizations other than Crafit authorized service centers.

2.3 Inability to provide valid purchase proof or unauthorized alterations to the content of valid proof.

2.4 Products that have been stored improperly, assembled improperly, used improperly, abused, misused, modified, or cleaned with incorrect methods or cleaning agents.

2.5 Normal wear and tear, scratches, and damages caused by impact or accidents are not covered.

2.6 Products placed outdoors or in humid environments (such as bathrooms) are not covered.

2.7 Indirect or consequential damages are not covered.

2.8 Product failures caused by force majeure events such as earthquakes, fires, or floods.

2.9 Failures or damages caused by factors unrelated to product design, technology, manufacturing, or quality.

3.The buyer shall bear the shipping costs in the following situations

3.1 Returning products for reasons other than confirmed defects.

3.2 Buyer-initiated returns (including buyer refusal, inability to pay customs clearance fees resulting in package return, and returns without valid reasons).

3.3 Returning incorrect items or items unrelated to the Crafit brand.

3.4 Returning items claimed to be defective but found to be in working condition by Crafit's quality control.

3.5 Returning defective items during international transportation.

3.6 Costs related to unauthorized returns (returns conducted outside the approved warranty process).

4. How to Seek After-Sales Service

If you have purchased the product from our official channels and it meets the warranty conditions and is within the warranty period, please provide the following information and contact us via

4.1 Specify the purchase platform, such as, Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, etc. (If purchased from other channels like Amazon, please mention the seller's name in the order).

4.2 Provide the order number/ID/date.

4.3 Provide the email and delivery address used when placing the order.

4.4 Attach pictures/short videos of the problem and provide a brief description.

Once we receive your feedback, we will promptly handle it and provide you with the best solution within an estimated time frame of 2-5 working days.

Our contact mailbox:

Note: Please contact us and obtain our written approval before returning any items. Any products returned without authorization will not be refunded.

5. Statement

5.1 To ensure that you receive prompt and effective after-sales service, please purchase Crafit products from official channels.

Purchasing counterfeit products will result in unnecessary losses, including round-trip shipping costs and repair fees equivalent to 25%-35% of the selling price.

5.2 Maintenance instructions:

It is recommended to check the tightness of screws several times a year. When cleaning the surface, use a damp cloth dipped in a mild cleaning agent to wipe it clean, then dry it with a dry cloth.

5.3 In the event of a conflict between this warranty policy and other warranty provisions, this warranty policy shall prevail.

*Note: Crafit reserves the right to modify and interpret this warranty policy.