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Our story

Hey, I'm Crystal.

I love making DIY cards and ironing my own designs onto clothes, but I don't have an extra room at home to use as a craft room. So, I usually do these creations in the living room. My Cricut Maker is my favorite, and it always stays in the living room with me.

In the beginning, everything went smoothly, and the living room became my creative space. However, as time went on, I accumulated more tools, accessories, and materials, and finished projects started to pile up. The living room gradually turned into a mess. After each creative session, I had to spend a lot of time cleaning up, which left me feeling a bit frustrated.

During that time, I often wondered: Is there a storage solution that can perfectly hold my Cricut and all my materials and accessories, without taking up too much space, so the living room remains neat and tidy? And when I need to, like when we have guests over, I could easily move everything out of the way?

I searched everywhere for such a storage solution, but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that met my needs. So, I thought, why not DIY a product that suits my preferences? After numerous attempts and improvements, I finally created my first mobile storage table specifically designed for storing my Cricut and supplies. It was during this process that an idea struck me: why not share these creations with others who love crafting as much as I do?

Thus, Crafit was born. Through this brand, I hope to bring practical storage and organization solutions to everyone, allowing every craft enthusiast to unleash their creativity in a neat and orderly environment. Whether you're like me, DIYing in the living room, or have a dedicated craft room, we aim to provide you with the most thoughtful support.

I firmly believe that a clean and organized creative space allows our inspiration to flow more freely, making the creative process more enjoyable and efficient. Through Crafit, I hope to help more people experience the joy of crafting and the peace and satisfaction that comes from a tidy workspace.

Every product and storage solution we offer is designed to solve the problems I once faced. I hope they bring you the same convenience and joy they have brought me. Thank you for joining us on this journey filled with creativity and surprises!


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